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HEART Collective

Heart Collective are educators, facilitators and dog and horse trainers living around the world. Our first major project was the Alphabet Album (raising voices) . Amanda, Adam, Andrea, Ayoka, Chelsey, Dayna, Eva, Hannah, Holly, Julie, Karen, Karen, Kathryn, Kirsten, Leslie, Linda, Linda, Liz, Lucy, Oluademi, Sheila, Shelly, Stella, Tom, and Tracey are excited to be developing webinars for you now!

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About this course

What is the Alphabet Album you ask?? 

We wanted to raise voices, and introduce people with important things to say about animals, particularly dogs and horses and learning and competing together in a way to make help us all learn and grow together. The Alphabet Album was born from this goal. A series of webinars - both live and recorded for you to enjoy afterwards. 

It's a collective, collaborative project conceived in the spring of 2020 when the world went off-kilter. Intended to give great trainers and thinkers a voice, it is a pilot - that means if it works well and fills a need there will be other albums to lift voices that deserve and need to be heard. By combining better-known voices with those less often heard, and combining subjects to give everybody a reason to listen,  we intend to reach as many people as possible. 

Founders got a special deal to sign up early and we are SO grateful for the faith they showed in the project. The proceeds from the founder sales were split evenly between the whole team which helped level out the very successful webinars with the smaller ones.  Moderators and behind the curtains people all got their share too - after all that's what a collective does right?

People continue to ask how they can support the project and make sure we keep doing projects like this - the biggest way you can support us is to support either the individual webinars of interest to you or to buy the whole set ... 

To see the individual webinars to purchase check This Link 

What kind of topics are included?

We are a diverse group - some webinars are practical and build your skills as a  dog trainer, others are designed to challenge your thinking and introduce you to important considerations for life as well as training. 

The  webinar titles currently include:

  1. All Together: Accessibility in Dog Sports: Hacks to Help You Save Money - this is a bonus webinar - included with each individual purchase too! 

  2. The Battle of the Sits with Dr, Leslie Eide

  3.  Compassion Fatigue with Andrea Harrison

  4.  Behind Closed Doors: conversations about nosework Part One  with Julie Symons and Holly Bushard 

  5. Inside the World of Working Earth Dogs (not recorded yet) 

  6.   The Ethics and Morals of Working and Playing with Non-Human Persons with Dr, Tom Harrison

  7.  Force Free Rehab for Your Canine Companion with Stella Barnett

  8. Get Confident! Building Confidence and Connection with your (Agility) Dog with Amanda Nelson

  9.  Herding Instinct Test What to Expect with Ayoka Bubar

  10.  Instinct -What does It Mean? Making the Most of it! with Sheila Gibbons 

  11. Panel - Judges Work for You! Yes it's True! (not complete yet!) 

  12. Kick Start Your Training Sessions with Hannah Branigan

  13. Kids, Dogs, and Race. An Exploration Through Interviews with Dr Linda Randall 

  14. Making a Star - movies, commercials and more! with Tracey Bradley 

  15. Panel - Trials and (NO) Errors - Hosting events for animal sports! (Not complete yet)

  16.   One Step Back, Two Steps Forward - a simple approach to progress your training! With Julie Symons

  17.   On Your Own: (Blazing your own trail forward tackling goals in traditionally non-R+ sports.) with Chelsey Protulipic 

  18.  P is for Pressure - making it work for you and your dog with Eva Fowler

  19. Where Quarry Meets the Trail - A cool new dog sport!  with Liz Carter and Sheila Gibbons

  20. Panel R+ Training: the Questions You Have Been Afraid to Ask  (not complete yet) 

  21. Skill Building with Sock Games for Sensational Scent Work with Holly Bushard

  22. Trials Without Tribulations: Enter, they said. It will be fun, they said. with Kathryn Harvey

  23. Panel: Unlearning - Letting Go of Ego and Working with Positive Reinforcement for Dogs and Horses with  Kirsten Neumann Stephens

  24.  Very  Important: The Lost Art of Listening Well (a prerecorded extra for full album purchasers!) with Andrea Harrison

  25. Panel - What do Judges Expect (not complete yet) 

  26. X , Y,  Z - Big Concepts in Dog Training with Lucy Newton

  27. You Otta Know -  8  Critical Concepts for Rally with Ayoka Bubar

  28. Zap! That's a Wrap - Creating an Action Plan.  with Andrea Harrison

What is this specific Playlist?

This is the location for the webinar recordings of the full Alphabet Album.   By purchasing the full webinar series you are raising all presenters' voices and allowing projects like this to continue happening. 

How long will I have access to the album?

There is no rush to listen to the recordings, you will be able to listen to them again and again as long as the internets and this site works (theoretically forever - but 2020 was a strange strange year!) 

How does it work?

Each webinar will appear in its own spot identifying the presenter and topic for you to access once uploaded.  All webinars will be recorded and available here. Most  have a live Question and Answer component which will be added to the collection when ready.  

Will transcripts be available?

We are working to determine the best way to make transcription or subtitles work for the webinars. It's more complicated than it ought to be but we are quite committed to figuring it out. We will make any question and answer sessions available in recordings to make it as easy as possible for people to access and we can also make slide decks available.  Please reach out if you have a need, we will do our utmost best to make it work for you! 

What about CEUs?

Yes, many of the webinars will have CEU's associated with them. We are not big enough to apply across the board (yet!) but we are applying for as many as possible! Stay tuned for details!  Ayoka's and Linda's already have CEUs. 

What do I save by buying the series? 

Each individual single is $24.99 so the savings add up  - the already 23 webinars would be $574.77  so you save $125 already before any of the last webinars are added! 

As the playlist is updated you will get an email to let you know there has been an additional update. 

Why should I buy the album?

By buying the album you support a wide variety of voices and support initiatives to raise them.  

And, you save a fortune over buying  each webinar 

And, you get to be a much-valued member of a neat and important new project!

Looking forward to our conversations! 

We would love to have you join us! Please do, and then let your friends know you bought the album so they can join you! 

Amanda, Ameera, Andrea, Ayoka, Chelsey, Dayna, Eva, Hannah, Holly, Julie, Karen, Karen, Kathryn, Kirsten,  Leslie, Linda, Linda,  Liz,  Lucy,  Oluademi, Sheila,  Shelly, Stella, Tom,  & Tracey