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Andrea is an educator, facilitator and dog and horse trainer living in beautiful Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada. The Alphabet Album grew out of her desire to raise the voices of many diverse and passionate animal people. Amanda, Ameera, Andrea, Ayoka, Chelsey, Dayna, Eva, Hannah, Holly, Julie, Karen, Karen, Kathryn, Kirsten, Leslie, Linda, Linda, Liz, Lucy, Oluademi, Sheila, Shelly, Stella, Tom, and Tracey are excited about this newest pilot - The Alphabet Album - and all the great conversations and learning it will provoke!

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About this course

Finding the world tough to navigate?  Losing your focus? Your balance? Your way?  Sad? Angry? Lost? 

Explore and master 15 tools to help you thrive.. 30 days (in theory -  in reality, you can take as long as you need). 

15 minutes a day is all the time required. But there are lots of extensions and enrichments you can spend time exploring or come back to after you finish the course.  If time is tight it'll work for you. If you need a welcome distraction that's built-in as well. 

Structured so that every other day there is a tool to test, an explanation of why the tool works/matters,  further reading on the subject and a thread to discuss each element the class is a  practical and supportive space to navigate a complicated and scary world. 

Enrollment in the class includes a daily virtual social hour through Zoom.  Affordability in this time of stress and uncertainty was one of the most important things so we've set the price at $19.95 US.  That's less than $2 a day to help you be your best self.   You. Matter.  Together, we've got this. 

With three additional facilitators and collaborators, we are working hard to support you in your time of need. 

We'd love to work with you to lift you, inspire you and give you concrete tools, and a chance to practice them, that will make a difference in your life and the things that matter to you.