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Andrea Harrison

Andrea Harrison is an educator who is passionate about all species, including dogs, horses and humans! She has taken her positive message to the media many times, including appearances on TV shows, print and on radio. She has worked with a wide variety of people as an educator for decades. The science of brain research fascinates her. Helping students of all ages be successful, reduce anxiety and stress and manage their time by using her training in counselling, personality typing, and experiences matters to her. Her competitive addictions are dressage and agility. Andrea and her animals have earned many ribbons and titles together. Her super star dog Sally was the canine lead in the feature film “Saving Dinah". Andrea attained B level Pony Club before aging out and then completed her Level one coaching certification. A passionate life learner one of her favourite parts of teaching (and coaching) is the learning it allows her to do.

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About this Course

All horse people all wonder if they are good enough.  Are you doing everything you can to make the most of horse time?  Using lessons and clinics in the most effective way ?

  • Have you even felt ill on show day?
  • Forgotten a course? 
  • Stood at a mounting block  afraid to hop up? 
  • Confused about why and why your heart and brain are so conflicted about horses and riding?
  • Disappointed that you aren't doing more with your horse?
  • Want to figure out how to get fitter, better and use your brain?

Perhaps you've just lost your mojo and can't quite figure out why the thrill is gone.  Your mind plays a huge role in how you feel about riding, horses and the work you are doing! You may fall into the trap  ignore our mind though and push through 

No matter the feelings you have we'll work together to consider mental games to make you happier, more confident and, dare I say it, capable as a horse person! (sided life benefits an added bonus!) 

Confidence and bravery are not the same thing - but building confidence and learning to set realistic goals  can  have global benefits for you. Making the most of your mental game matters- to you, and your horse(s). 

Becoming more engaged and aware of your mental game means  finding tools to apply to your unique situation.  Fear is a pretty hard wired safety measure we have evolved to benefit from - but it can interfere in our pleasure, enjoyment and quality of life.  Deciding what you can and want to do in a supportive safe and structured way can make all the difference. 

This six week online class is packed full of information and specific tools  and a weekly mental game (with instructions) you can test and get comfortable using. You can work at your own pace, in your own home and  will get daily  one to one instruction and support through the lessons. 

  Your issues, your exact circumstances are what we'll look at. Step by step I'll support you testing tools and developing your plan for success.  Students can share video, writing - whatever helps them make the points they need me to understand. 

To make sure I have time for you - lots of time for you and your concerns there are a maximum of 10 spots available!  The whole program is $150 and loaded with tools that you will use again and again. 

At less than $5 a day it's an investment in yourself you really can't afford to miss!