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Chrystal Woodhouse

Chrystal Woodhouse a C.E.M.T (Certified Equine Massage Therapist) Passionate about all things horse,whether it is feeding, riding, training or healing. Having a desire to share knowledge with others,a penchant for teaching and the curiosity of a reporter which drives her to find answers to all of life's hard questions such as " Why does my horse do that?"

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About this course

Are you experiencing any of the following with your horse?

  • Changes in behaviour

  • Shortened stride

  • Stiffness

  • Head tossing

  • Bucking or kicking

  • Difficulty with lateral bending

  • Girthing problems

  • Sore back

  • Difficulty picking up the correct lead

  • Signs of resistance or refusal

Welcome to the course “ Where does my Horse Hurt” . In working as a Certified Equine Massage Therapist ( C.E.M.T )for over a decade I see horses in pain  every week. Owners often have no idea that their horses are suffering .This can  range from slight discomfort  which can show up as difficulty in riding through to serious pain which can result in outright ,dangerous behaviour. These owners are not uncaring or cruel , they just do not know how to recognize the signs that their horse needs their help!  As I am a massage therapist, my speciality lies in soft tissue pain and tissue restrictions ,over the next few weeks we will be covering  key areas which are often painful  or restricted. I will include exercises and basic treatments to help with the issues you find with your horse, however this course is focused on Finding the pain .Treatment can vary from doing  simple stretches, home massage or calling in an expert. Finding the issue(s)  and deciding on the severity of it is actually the key in deciding on treatment . I can tell you most people I meet tell me their horses have no pain and are not restricted, I can also tell you at least 70% of the horses I meet have some sort of issue that should be addressed. I hope in this course you will leave with a better understanding of what is going on with your horse and things you can do to help him. I promise this will lead to a more trusting and deeper relationship with your horse. A happy horse = A happy owner!  

At the gold level this course explores the individual issues of your specific situation.  Your issues, your exact circumstances are what we'll look at. Gold students can share video, writing - whatever helps them make the points they need the instructor to understand. 

At the bronze level, while the specifics of your case won't be discussed there are many relevant lectures, articles and links to information about improving your confidence around your equine partners. 

The April 1st  pilot course is being capped  15 gold  spots and unlimited bronze spots. There is no silver level in the pilot launch. 

The pilot pricing for a gold spot is $100  for our April 2017 pilot  term only.  Bronze classes are $50. After the first pilot term gold pricing will be $180 for a course, and a silver spot (which allows for general questions but does not look specifically at your situation) will be $100)