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Holly Bushard

Holly Bushard started her understanding of scent work with dogs as a narcotics dog handler with a police department. She is now a judge, competitor and coach. Having had the opportunity to work with many breeds doing nosework has made Holly not only a super handler but helps her understand the wide variety of challenges teams face. Holly has a clear understanding of what is expected at a competitive level. Julie Symons has been involved in the dog world for over 25 years teaching and competing in a wide variety of sports. Also a judge, trained and competed in conformation, agility, obedience, herding and tracking as well as nosework. Creating versatile, positive and happy teams is her goal for each of her students. Her constant work to learn more and do better is apparent in everything she does. Both Holly and Julie love to help teams enjoy their journey - helping people find the joy in scent work and dog sports puts smiles on their faces every day!

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About this course

Because several people have requested this, here is a collection of the lectures that I made for the Ithaca Nosework Group Zoom classes.   They are all 15-20 minutes long and only include my lection portion of the material.   If you missed some or just want to sample the work, here they are!  In their original format, there were several working teams, discussions, and videos to review after the presentation.   None of those are included here.

This is the third in the series - Ideas to help with the shy or sensitive dog!

At $9.99 for each session - you'll find these a great resource to refer to again and again.