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Julie Symons

Julie (she/her) has been involved in dog sports for many years competing in flyball, conformation, agility, obedience, herding and tracking. One of Julie’s favourite things is a versatile team! Her Rival was the first CH OTCH MACH Belgian Tervuren. She knows that participating in multiple sports is enriching & builds partnership and trust. Julie has gone HIT in 4 different sports with 3 dogs (Obedience, Agility, Nosework and Herding). Julie is a committed learner and energetic instructor, immersing herself in everything dog training! Her simple truth? People just really love their dogs and enjoy doing activities with them. More information can be found at:

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About this course

Join Julie Symons Tuesday, December 6th at 7 pm ET for an important and informative webinar for all dog sports aficionados. 

Dog Sport Foundation Skills

Based on Julie's popular Puppy Foundation Skills class that she teaches in person, this presentation is a compilation of many of those topics!  Building these foundation skills will create a strong foundation for a lifetime of performance sport activities for all dogs. With experience and titles in a multitude of sports Julie is the PERFECT presenter for this subject and she's full of great ideas to help you make the most of foundation skills. 

The key skills and behaviours covered are Connection, Communication, Focus, Reinforcement, Impulse Control and Stillness

When you have clean mechanics, your communication improves. When you improve your communication, you get connection! 

All of these skills improve focus and foster thoughtfulness both for you as a trainer and for your dog! 

You'll want to embrace the concepts and practice all the skills!

Dogs also need to grow up with confident curiosity with the world around them. The presentation will also cover some empowerment and energy games. 


(Julie Symons presenter/ Andrea Harrison moderator) 

Julie Symons

Julie has been involved in the dog world for over 25 years teaching and competing in a wide variety of sports. She's trained and competed in conformation, agility, obedience, herding and tracking as well as nosework.  Julie's strong foundations in so many sports is apparent through much of her work. Creating versatile, positive and happy teams is her goal for each of you and her constant work to learn more and do better is apparent in everything she does.  Her simple truth? "People just really love their dogs and enjoy doing activities with them."  Julie always gives more than 100% of herself to her students learning and development.  Learn more about Julie here.