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Ayoka (she/they)

Ayoka is a BA, CPDT - KA, CCUI and an approved Canadian Association of Rally Obedience (CARO) Judge. She has been a dog training instructor since 2008. Training and showing in a variety of performance venues including agility, tracking, herding, and rally obedience and conformation has really helped her understand the way breaking things down and seeking clarity in instruction and competing can lead to success. You may have heard her on Cog-Dog Radio or Drinking From the Toilet podcasts too. Rottweilers are her passion and her two beautiful girls are herding, and playing other sports with joy and success.

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About this course

Join Ayoka for this insightful webinar full of valuable tips to help make the most of your dog sports budget!

This webinar will be delivered live with captions on November1st at 7 pm Central Time. A recording will be available after the webinar is delivered.