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HEART Collective

Heart Collective are educators, facilitators and dog and horse trainers living around the world. Our first major project was the Alphabet Album (raising voices) . Amanda, Adam, Andrea, Ayoka, Chelsey, Dayna, Eva, Hannah, Holly, Julie, Karen, Karen, Kathryn, Kirsten, Leslie, Linda, Linda, Liz, Lucy, Oluademi, Sheila, Shelly, Stella, Tom, and Tracey are excited to be developing webinars for you now!

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About this course

This course covers 42 tips  and prompts to help you learn to manage time more effectively.  Divided into 5 sections (Know yourself, planning, distractions, and sanity savers) each section is released weekly for your first five weeks in the course. You can work through the class entirely at your own speed stopping to reflect and respond to the tips that you want to explore and bypassing the ones that won't work in your life at the moment. Access to the class and the activities is open - which means you can, at any time,  revisit a tip and update your participation or see what other students and your instructor have added to the course. 

(I have a confession to make - despite the reasonable supposition that the 42 tips were by design it was by sheer fluke that I stopped at 42.  The 42 were gleaned, reworked and inspired from dozens of lists of all sorts of numbers, none of which were 42. ) 

“The Answer to the Great Question... Of Life, the Universe and Everything... Is... Forty-two,' said Deep Thought, with infinite majesty and calm.”  Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy