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HEART Collective

Heart Collective are educators, facilitators and dog and horse trainers living around the world. Our first major project was the Alphabet Album (raising voices) . Amanda, Adam, Andrea, Ayoka, Chelsey, Dayna, Eva, Hannah, Holly, Julie, Karen, Karen, Kathryn, Kirsten, Leslie, Linda, Linda, Liz, Lucy, Oluademi, Sheila, Shelly, Stella, Tom, and Tracey are excited to be developing webinars for you now!

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About this course

In this webinar, you’ll discover a way to think about  the "Think, Plan, Do" model we are all familiar with that takes it from idealized to actionable. 

Andrea will break down each step of her model clearly and in little slices so you can start applying it to your training and your life immediately. 

Not sure which stage is blocking your progress? We' talked about it. 

Each stage, carefully broken down with explicit tools to help you develop your strengths in the area. Dream, Think, Believe, Plan, Do, Review.  Actionable tools to support your journey. Challenging questions to ask yourself. Ways to stay the course, or change direction with grace. 

The recording is ready for you to watch NOW. 

Andrea's got your back - and lots of ideas to share!!


And you’ll have permanent access to the recording, so you can return to this material whenever you need a quick refresher.

A little about Andrea Harrison

Andrea is an educator who is passionate about all species, including dogs, horses and humans! She has taken her positive message to the media many times, including appearances on TV shows, print and on radio. She has worked with a wide variety of people as an educator for decades. The science of brain research fascinates her. Helping students of all ages be successful, reduce anxiety and stress and manage their time by using her training in counselling, personality typing, and her own life experiences matter to her. Her competitive addictions are dressage and agility but she has worked with people in most animal sports.  Andrea and her animals have earned many ribbons and titles together. Her superstar dog Sally was the canine lead in the feature film “Saving Dinah". Andrea attained B level Pony Club before aging out and then completed her Level one coaching certification. A passionate life learner one of her favourite parts of teaching (and coaching) is the learning it allows her to do.

You can learn more about Andrea and her work at this link!