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Andrea Harrison

Andrea Harrison is an educator who is passionate about all species, including dogs, horses and humans! She has taken her positive message to the media many times, including appearances on TV shows, print and on radio. She has worked with a wide variety of people as an educator for decades. The science of brain research fascinates her. Helping students of all ages be successful, reduce anxiety and stress and manage their time by using her training in counselling, personality typing, and experiences matters to her. Her competitive addictions are dressage and agility. Andrea and her animals have earned many ribbons and titles together. Her super star dog Sally was the canine lead in the feature film “Saving Dinah". Andrea attained B level Pony Club before aging out and then completed her Level one coaching certification. A passionate life learner one of her favourite parts of teaching (and coaching) is the learning it allows her to do.

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About this course

How to Stop Procrastination:
The Energizing, Science-Backed Strategy
That Defeats Distraction and Boosts Motivation,
So You Can Accomplish Your Goals and Dreams

Worldwide, one in five people have a chronic procrastination problem, while 95% of the US population want to overcome their procrastinating tendencies.

The consequences of procrastination can be high.

If you’ve tried to stop procrastinating in the past, you probably realize—it’s not easy.

Distractions, perfectionism, overbooked schedules, fear of messing up, or distaste for the task at hand can all overwhelm your good intentions.

And if you’ve already been procrastinating on your project, new distractions amplify the guilt and frustration. They quash momentum and slow progress to a death crawl.

What you might not realize, though, is that our brains are actually wired for distraction.

Procrastination has ancient origins.

You see, our brains evolved to zero in on “clear and present danger” via the well-known fight-or-flight response to a threat. But in the absence of an immediate physical threat to our lives, our brains are easily distracted. That’s why when you sit down to do your taxes, your attention wanders with every passing noise, thought, or physical sensation.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

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This course contains a proven and powerful process for overcoming procrastination at work or at home, so you can maintain steady momentum on your tasks and projects, and make the most of your precious time and energy. 

And frankly, if you do the work and take the actions, I know you'll see results. 

Now is the time to take back control of your day! Eliminate procrastination and enjoy a happier and more empowered life. 

Join Effortless Action today to learn how.

Self-paced - the material rolls out fairly quickly for those who want to jump in and DO the thing NOW  but setting a regular time to do one activity so it takes much longer is just fine too. 

You can access and post as you want.