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HEART Collective

Heart Collective are educators, facilitators and dog and horse trainers living around the world. Our first major project was the Alphabet Album (raising voices) . Amanda, Adam, Andrea, Ayoka, Chelsey, Dayna, Eva, Hannah, Holly, Julie, Karen, Karen, Kathryn, Kirsten, Leslie, Linda, Linda, Liz, Lucy, Oluademi, Sheila, Shelly, Stella, Tom, and Tracey are excited to be developing webinars for you now!

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About this course

Alphabet Album Webinars: 

Where Quarry Meets the Trail 

Recording Available now!

(Sheila Gibbons and Liz Carter presenters/ Adam Skandarani  moderator) 

Liz and Sheila are excited to teach you about one of the newest, coolest scent sports around! 

Learn the games, the requirements and general principles of training for the venue.  Tracking,  scent work combine in a fun new game for you and your dog.  Real world applications too.  A super way to build your dog's and your confidence!

Leave the webinar with practical training and trialling tips that can help you in any scent sport! 

North American Sport Dog Association

Liz Carter 

With an infectious enthusiasm for all things dog, Liz is affectionately known as the dog sport enabler by her colleagues, teammates, students and fellow competitor. Liz has been actively training and competing in a variety of sports and activities using positive training methods with her Parson Russell Terriers since 1999, including flyball, dock jumping, earthdog, agility, conformation, weight pull, coursing, racing, scent work, disc dog, obedience, rally, barn hunt and truly just about anything her dogs find interesting! ALL THE THINGS! Her dogs have collectively earned over 100 barn hunt titles including 6 RATCHX and above titles. Her students continue to succeed around the country and have been on podiums at  National events. Liz is an active barn hunt judge, event secretary, mentor and trainer known for thinking outside the box and viewing each of her dog and handler teams as individuals. 

Learn more about Liz, her dogs and her sports here! 

Sheila Gibbons

Sheila and her dogs have earned multiple titles in many diverse sports including Barn Hunt, Flyball, Disc, Rally Obedience, Nosework, and Tricks. She and  Spencer have earned many BIG titles including their CARO rally master championship title.  Sheila and her terrier Renegade are the top Barn Hunt mixed breed team in Canada, and Sheila has been referred to as Canada’s top barn hunt trainer.   She is a sought after rally judge.  Sheila got involved in dog sports thanks to Spencer as she found herself struggling to manage a reactive, challenging, wonderful dog. What she discovered in dog sports was an amazing community of people. Her love of learning took over, and she quickly became very actively involved in apprenticing with different trainers and exposing herself to as many ideas and dogs as she could.  Now engaged in the world of terriers she's embracing conformation showing, flyball, agility, and ALL THE THINGS!
Sheila’s academic background has stood her in good stead as she absorbs and reflects on her learning with canines and working with instinct. Despite her many titles and strong competitive streak Sheila values her canines as companions and strives to remember to celebrate their relationship.

You can discover more about Sheila here. 

Adam Skandarani (moderator) 

Adam has been working with dogs professionally as a pet care professional, photographer, judge and as a trainer. They have worked mostly with pet dogs but have recently been developing a  system for raising well-rounded sport and pet dogs. Living with and loving two boxers who are very different to each other has expanded their knowledge base and motivation to keep learning and sharing. 

Adam's experience training cats and parrots add depth to their understanding of the importance of positive training.

To learn more about Adam click here!

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